How to start your friendship?

To make your work easier and successful I want to inform you the way and the procedure to deal with them. You know it that it is difficult work. After getting the number the real work has started.

You can not take it casually. They are not fooled. They are smart and intelligent. More importantly, they are powerful and confident. So it will not be easy to make a new relationship with them.

You know they will take an inquiry about you. They may ask you so many questions. So you need to impress them with your talking and your personality. So the question is here how to impress them. So i am suggesting you some tips. You can apply and start the relation.

The first step is when you are going to call her first think that what you will talk with her. Be prepared for that. I mean you have to impress her. You know first impressions is last impression.

So in first call you have to win heart. But how? What you will talk. When you are talking for first time just say gently and give your introduction fully. Don’t try to lie them.

You can say that i am feeling alone and want to make friendship with you. My call is only for friendship purposes.

I know from the first call she will be impressed on you. And she will be ready to talk with you for next time. So next time be little romantic and change your way of talking.

Tell her that you are feeling happy with talking her. You are not feeling alone. You are feeling someone is with you always. I am sure you will be closer very soon. Share your every secret and believe them.

You will be successful to get a best friend. Your relationship may change into love very quickly. Don’t use bad language and don’t misbehave her. That’s it. You will be a gentleman for her. And you will be a hero.

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